December 7 // Faith Goldstein: Buckley's inauguration a great moment for city's unity

Most Americans don’t realize that the west coast of Australia is very different from our West Coast. Basically, Perth is the only city in the area, and it is a six-hour fight from Sydney on the east coast. If you grow up in Perth, like Gavin Buckley, our new mayor, you have wanderlust and hear the sirens calling. They lured him to Annapolis. Gavin’s Inaugural Ball Monday was an extraordinary moment. Many who attended have lived in Annapolis their entire lives. I have not. I spent the first 17 years in Louisville, Kentucky, where the railroad station had water fountains that said “colored only" and “whites only” into the early ’50s. I lived in Montgomery County for 40 years and never attended an event at which the crowd wasn’t 99 percent white — and it was a liberal county. (Capital)

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